Around the World in 80 Days

Die 3. und 4. Klassen waren Anfang Mai beim Englisch Theater in Feldkirch. Ein großen Dankeschön gilt vorweg dem Elternverein für die finanzielle Unterstützung.


In the play I liked how the four actors represented a train and a ship only with the help of umbrellas. But also how they initialised the requisites into the play. It was interesting how they practised the play Around the World in 80 Days  on stage.


I think the theater was very cool. The actors showed a lot of emotion and made the play very lively.


The theatre was funny and it was interesting to talk with people from England. But it was also a little bit boring. The actors were very likeable. All in all it was a short but nice trip with the different classes.


The play was pretty good and I kind of enjoyed it. I personally understood it very well, the actors were very funny and nice. I’d go there again. 


We liked how they were performing and the acting were really good. But it was also difficult to understand everything because of the accent. In the end we enjoyed the story!
Jennifer & Liara


On Tuesday we went to an English theater with Mr. Kremmel and Mrs. Theurl. It was very exciting and we had a lot of fun. I understood a lot. It was interesting to hear someone speak with an accent. They spoke loudly and clearly so we could follow along. I liked it a lot